It's a big year for us...

We're moving!

We are currently not open for new memberships as we are relocating to the United States this Spring.

Current members will receive their monthly delivery of teas through March 2017 and gift recipients will receive teas through May 2017. After that, memberships will be paused until our Fall 2017 relaunch; please join our newsletter and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates!

Thank you for your support these past three years, we are looking forward to sharing more teas with you very soon!

2017 Shipping Dates

3 January

Estimated arrival:   UK   13 January   |   Europe, Canada, Americas   27 January   |   Rest of world:   31 January

1 February

Estimated arrival:   UK   8 February   |   Europe, Canada, Americas   22 February   |   Rest of world:   28 February

2 March

Estimated arrival:   UK   8 March   |   Europe, Canada, Americas   22 March   |   Rest of world:   31 March   

3 April

Estimated arrival:   UK   7 April   |   Europe, Canada, Americas   21 April   |   Rest of world:   30 April   

1 May

Estimated arrival:   UK   6 May   |   Europe, Canada, Americas   20 May   |   Rest of world:   31 May


Please contact us at hello@londonteaclub.com if you have any questions about your membership!