Customized for you

We're here to bring great tea to members - the beginners and the aficionados.

Here's a look at how we match our teas to a few of our members.


Trisha works from home and brews with a traditional clay pot.

She's receiving our Lychee Blossom white tea, a beautiful Snow Dragon green tea, and Vanilla Almond herbal tea - something new to try before bedtime.



Abhishek drinks tea mostly at his desk at work, and prefers light teas for easy sipping. He uses a tea ball or our tea filters to prevent over-steeping.

This month, he receives our Monk's Blend black tea, Lychee Blossom white tea, and Vanilla Almond herbal tea - all perfect for a long day at work.


Sabrina is a recovering coffee-addict and loves milk and sugar in her tea. She brews at home using our tea filters and her favorite mug.

We're sending Sabrina the Monk's Blend black tea, Masala Chai with fresh ginger, and the lovely full-bodied Vanilla Almond - perfect with a splash of almond milk for a lighter cuppa.