Things We Love



Pushkin Press

While traveling through New Zealand with limited data and wifi, I realised how much I love getting lost in a good book, and how infrequently I allow myself the luxury of reading for pleasure. So I'm treating myself to a monthly delivery of new fiction or reprinted classics from Pushkin Press. My favourite so far has been Salad Anniversary by Machi Tawara.



We love the concept of subscriptions (obviously!) so when Amsterdam-based flower delivery startup Bloomon reached out, we were more than happy to partner together in an effort to bring tea and flowers to a larger audience. Now we get a humongous monthly delivery of beautiful blooms to the studio, perfect for complementing our chaxi and daily tea sessions. 

Read The Naturalista's review here

42 Acres

I recently had the pleasure of pouring tea for an amazing group of spiritual practitioners at 42 Acres' annual community retreat. Nestled in a quiet valley in Somerset, the beautiful retreat centre is just a couple hours outside of London - the perfect location for a few days of quiet introspection. See their retreat calendar here

KonMari Method

A little late to the game here, but I stumbled across Marie Kondo's books at the local bookshop, devoured them and then launched into a month-long intensive Spring cleaning. The house and studio are now both clutter-free, spacious and zen - which according to Marie Kondo should now allow me to live the life I want.