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natural and organic teas

Each month, club members will receive 6-10 servings of finely-crafted, single-origin tea from progressive growers focused on protecting our earth. 

from small farms

All of our teas are sourced directly from small growers, family farms and independent cooperatives that demonstrate craft, responsible ethics and respect for nature. 

for optimal wellness

We've selected teas that complement the seasons, for optimal wellness. Support balance within the body with warming teas in winter and cooling teas in summer.



I actually really love this club - I can’t really fault it. I love the quality and variety, the package is super charming, and it’s always nice to receive post like this :D
— Sasha, UK

You guys are awesome! You monthly selections really represent the month very well. I feel like when I really need a good cup of tea I always reach for this months selections first.
— John, USA
I absolutely loved my shipment! The box was dainty, the packaging was perfect, and the contents were delightful. The quality of tea options,and accompanying notes made my cup happy.
— Janet, USA

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