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Our Values

Quality - We source natural and organic teas from small farms in China, Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia and beyond. We look for teas that are delicious, fragrant, beautiful and crafted with attention and care for the environment.

Quantity - We send members .5 oz of tea each month, enough for 3-4 small pots or 6-10 cups. Our teas can be infused multiple times, and one serving can usually last an entire day!

Curation - We've selected teas that complement the seasons, for optimal wellness. Seasonal eating harmonizes our bodies with nature and improves health, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Customer Service - Our tiny team strives to be responsive and awesome. We are frequently away from the computer sourcing, drinking and serving tea, so please give us some time to get back to you!


Our Teas

What types of tea can I expect to receive?

Spring and summer deliveries include lighter white teas and jade oolongs, while fall and winter teas are darker, sometimes roasted, black and puerh teas.

Can I receive herbal teas?

All of our teas contain caffeine and we are not currently offering herbal infusions.

I love the tea! Can I buy more?

At the moment you'll need to send an email to hello@londonteaclub.com so that we can arrange this for you!



When will I receive my tea?

We ship at the start of each month.

Members in the US should receive their teas during the first week of the month.

International members should receive their teas before the end of the month (unless deliveries are held in customs, which is uncommon.)

What happens if my shipment gets lost?

Send us a note at hello@londonteaclub.com and we'll track your package and send a replacement if it's been lost!


What's the cancellation policy? Can I pause my membership?

Membership is completely flexible - just let us know before the 20th of the month by emailing hello@londonteaclub.com, or by managing your membership via this link.

If you need to pause your membership, please email us at hello@londonteaclub.com

Is there a membership fee or contract?

Membership is $20/month for USA members and $30/month for international members; no contracts, cancel anytime. Shipping costs included.

What cards do you accept?

Visa, Mastercard, and American Express