18 RUBY Black Tea from Taiwan

18 RUBY Black Tea from Taiwan


Taiwan’s professional tea research center studies, develops and promotes new tea cultivars. Cultivar No. 18 (aka Ruby #18) was developed in the 1990’s and is one of Taiwan’s most famous black teas. Ruby #18 produces a distinct herbaceous, bright fruit and menthol profile, and exhibits high thearubigin content when cultivated correctly.

18 Ruby is farmer Alfredo Lin's take on Taiwan's famous Ruby #18 black tea. He patented the name "18 Ruby" in Taiwan for his own batches.

Alfredo harvests the tea from his own all-natural tea gardens near Sun Moon Lake. In Alfredo's gardens, the tea plants have a distinct pink-yellow hue in the young shoots. This reflects a particularly high thearubigin content in the leaves, thanks to the incredibly healthy soil and environment.

Read about our trip to the farm here!

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