LIBRE Travel Thermos

LIBRE Travel Thermos


The Libre glass and poly thermos is perfect for loose-leaf tea on the go, or at your desk. Glass is a fantastic material to preserve the taste of tea, without any aftertaste. The twist on BPA-free lid and stainless steel filter make it easy to both brew tea at your desk, or enjoy it on the go.

The durable poly exterior makes this convenient for travel, and the thermal double wall construction helps your tea stay warm.


  • Choose teas that do not become too bitter when steeped for long periods, such as herbal infusions, rooibos blends, masala chai, flowering teas, balled oolongs, puerh, black teas
  • Or, use the thermos like a teapot: Brew a delicate tea such as our Kukicha green tea or Silver Needle, decant into a mug when tea is done steeping (the thermos' stainless steel strainer can filter out the leaves). Add hot water to thermos to prepare another infusion.

14.3oz /420mL

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Please hand wash, and do not put in microwave.