STICKY RICE Sheng Puerh from China

STICKY RICE Sheng Puerh from China


Tea leaves are handpicked from farmer Li Shu Lin’s ecological trees, then sun-dried and fired to make sheng puerh. The tea leaves are then blended by hand with a local herb called nuo mi xiang, or ‘sticky rice fragrance,’ in the style of the local Dai Minority in Yunnan. The resulting blend has the intense mineral and herbaceous flavors of sheng puerh accented with the sweetness of sticky rice.

The tea trees on Mr. Li's land have never had any added manures, pesticides, or soil additives of any kind, and thrive completely on their own in their natural environment.

Li Shu Lin learned his craft from his father, also a Yunnan tea master, and worked at the famous Menghai Dayi puerh tea factory for 20 years before he decided to stop selling leaves to the factory in order to craft his own teas by hand at home. His wife Cai Jun Qiong is also the daughter of a famous tea master.

Read about our trip to the farm here!

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