Your answers below will help us determine what to focus on when we relaunch in the USA. Thank you for your help!

Tell us about your experience so far...
Tell us about your experience so far...
I've enjoyed being a member of London Tea Club.
I've learned more about tea since joining London Tea Club.
The quantity of tea is just right.
The tea filters are useful.
I enjoy reading the tea cards.
I like receiving a drawstring bag each month.
Are the tea vials practical? Would you rather receive bags with larger quantities of tea?
Do you enjoy sampling three different teas each month? Or would you prefer to receive a larger quantity of one tea?
How have you enjoyed the variety so far? Have we introduced you to things you haven't tried before, and have you enjoyed the discovery aspect?
Our prices will increase (for the first time in 3 years). Would you be happy to pay £15 for a similar quantity of tea?
What's one thing that we're doing well, and two things that we could do better?