Darjeeling, the Champagne of Teas

Photo credit: Kristian Frisk

Photo credit: Kristian Frisk

High in the mountains of northeastern India lies the famed tea region of Darjeeling. The Castleton Estate is nestled in the Kurseong South Valley. The tea estate was established in 1885, and to this day tea leaves are still hand picked to only process the most tender, flavourful top leaves of the tea plant.

Our Castleton Darjeeling brews a rich golden-copper, and yields classic notes of freshly baked bread, yuzu and ice wine, with a lingering hint of forest pine.

Like wine, tea is greatly influenced by terroir. Topography, soil, weather, and elevation all influence a tea’s flavour. In Darjeeling the high mountain ranges, cool temperatures, and harsh winters create a unique tea unlike any others.

Another special quality of Darjeeling tea is the tea varietal. While most Indian teas are grown from the Assamica varietal of the tea plant native to India, Darjeeling teas are usually grown from the Chinese tea varietal.

Darjeeling teas are renowned for their light body and crisp muscat grape notes, giving Darjeelings the nickname "the Champagne of teas." And like true Champagne which is only grown in a specific region of France, true Darjeeling tea only grows in the Darjeeling region of India.

Because Darjeeling tea is so delicate and complex, we think it tastes perfect by itself without any milk or sugar. But however you enjoy it, we think you’ll be able to taste a bit of misty mountain air in every sip!