Yunnan Gold and the Birthplace of tea

We often get asked about our favourite teas, and it's impossible to choose—we love them all! But Yunnan Gold is certainly a special tea to us.

Sweet and silky smooth, Yunnan Gold imparts chocolatey overtones with a hint of caramelized sugar and nutmeg. It's warm, rich and delicious.

Unlike many other black teas, Yunnan Gold does not become astringent with long steep times. This is in part because the tea is made with the young buds of the tea plant, rather than fully matured leaves. During the oxidation process, these buds turn a vibrant golden colour and result in a smooth, creamy infusion.

Yunnan Gold comes from the Yunnan Province in southwestern China, the region believed to be the birthplace of the tea plant. Some of the earliest records of tea are from this region, where tea was consumed as a medicinal drink as far back as 1500 B.C.

Yunnan Province is also the home of puerh tea, a very ancient style of tea. Puerh tea undergoes a special fermentation process which allows it to improve with age like a fine wine. It is often compressed into cakes, which are broken into pieces to drink. Puerh tea yields deep flavours ranging from fresh and floral, to smokey and earthy. Here is a beautiful example:

We never fail to be amazed at the wide range of flavours that the tea plant can yield. As you sip your Yunnan Gold, try to pick out the hints of dark chocolate and molasses, and let us know what other flavours you may find. And please send us a note to share your tea experiences—we'd love to hear from you!