Teaware for Beginners: Kettles, Teapots & More


To make tea, you’ll need a kettle, teapot with strainer, and a cup or mug to enjoy.


While a stovetop kettle is wonderful, a variable-temperature electric kettle is incredibly useful if you’re just starting your tea journey! It’s too easy to burn delicate green and white tea leaves, so the following electric kettles can help you heat water to exact temperatures:

Recommendation: Bonavita - The gooseneck gives this kettle a great pour.

Others: Breville, Cuisinart


Look for a teapot with large removable strainer, so that the loose leaves have space to unfurl! Once the tea has infused to the desired strength, the strainer can be removed so the tea does not become too strong or bitter.

Glass allows us to admire the leaves while also checking the color of tea - a good indication of when the tea is done steeping.

Recommendation: Hario 700ml - makes 2-3 cups of tea


This is personal preference! Glass is still a favorite material because it allows us to admire the color of the tea, but ceramic and porcelain are also lovely.

Favorites: Bodum for glass or ceramics by Heath

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