Teaware for Pros: Gaiwans, fair cups and more

Our favorite teaware and accessories for gong fu cha


Serious about tea? We recommend learning to prepare gong fu cha using a gaiwan, pitcher and tasting cups.

Gaiwan ~ lidded bowl

The lidded bowl is used all over China to prepare tea. The proportions are different to how tea is prepared in the West; in a gaiwan, 2-3 grams of tea are used with only 3-5 ounces of water! Many infusions can be enjoyed over the course of a single tea session when brewed in this manner.

Recommendation: Manual - beautiful starter set for one, designed in Chicago.

Others: A basic glass gaiwan is perfect for beginners

PItcher i.e. Fair cup

While the leaves are brewed in a gaiwan, the tea is decanted into a pitcher to more easily serve multiple guests.

Glass allows us to admire the leaves and color of the liquor.

Recommendation: A simple glass pitcher


This is personal preference! Glass is still a favorite material because it allows us to admire the color of the tea, but ceramic and porcelain are also lovely.

Beautiful teacups and accessories here, direct from Taiwan.

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